Monday, April 28, 2014

"Houses are full of things that gather dust."

 I found myself  in the middle of downtown Denver, on my best buddy Justins couch..The sounds of sirens filled my ears and cars zoomed by. As I scratched the sleep out of my eyes and looked out the window, I saw the sun shining and its warmth was waking the green grass and trees with the most gentle wake up call.. I got up and walked to a coffee shop as Bob Marley filled my ears I made my way down the sidewalk, oblivious to the vehicles and people that were everywhere around me.

The day before I had left Winter Park. My home, and my life, Winter Park has been such apart of me for ten years, that place will always be with me as long as I'm alive..

But my adventure had begun and for the first time in years I was free.. No bills, debt free, and no work, made me feel so empowered and full of a energy I haven't felt in years filled my soul. I left most of everything I owned and packed only the things i needed for this adventure. And left without looking back..

It was so beautiful out that Justin and I decided to bang out some errands and then go for a run. We arrived at a park next to a busy highway, there was a paved trail that melted into well groomed dirt one that wound up and down a soft grassy hill. A cool, gentle river flowed next to the trail as a single track hugged the shore of the water.

Running through the long grass, the rushing water that filled river flowed past, crashed into rocks and the shore line.. I found myself becoming lost in this moment, cars, concrete, and the population no longer existed… I was the in the moment with nature,  dancing a soulful dance which no one could interrupt or cut in.. I felt honored and proud to be connected with such a beautiful thing..
This was just the beginning, I was truly free and alive, for in that moment the link with her was oh exciting and real… Here's to adventure!

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  1. I'm living vicariously through you, Tyler! Keep up the great posts, and don't forget to run with a burro when you can!