Sunday, May 11, 2014


5, 4, 3…. I have been in this place many times before… The Countdown.. my heart starts to pound, goosebumps cover my body and I can feel the blood flowing through every vein in my body.. My eyes focus down the chute to the first of the course markings.. everything becomes quiet and so peacefully still….the rest of the countdown become a soft gentle whisper…   ... 2…  …… The ground begins to rumble, as my vision blurs, the sprint out of the start begins, as i become breathless.. The overwhelming spirit of everyones dreams in one place working toward one common goal, and one beautiful moment of shared passion.
As the blades of grass touched the sides of my feet i could feel the moisture of the morning dew awakening my senses.. We approached the forest and the contrast between the bright green grass and dense dark brown trees was surreal. 

We charged up rolling trail and down hills as my legs tingled and began to burn. No conversation was made between three of us who ran together in our pack.. Just this feeling of our shared love for trail, the thrill of the run and we continued to push each other.. 

The first loop was over and after slamming some coke, and some food into my face, we out again the three of us stayed in our pack until I throttled back. I kept the other two in my sight until we reached one of the last aid stations.. I unscrewed my cap off my bottle and surged forward I filled my bottle and in less than five seconds i was off.. 

Sprinting out to the final section of course, I ran hard and ignored the screaming feeling that was coming from my legs.. finally I could smell the finish.. I pushed and pushed until the trees parted and the contrast of the darkness of the forest, green of the grass, and beautiful blue sky appeared again. I was back to the start of where i would finish.. The start of something new, the start of a amazing adventure that had just begun.. 

A new PR was nice, top ten was great, and First in my age group was too. But knowing what was coming was the greatest award of all and to check off the first race.. it was time.. 
Up next Miwok 100K

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