Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The trail less traveled….

 The cold water wrapped around my knees, and the heat of the day warmed my skin as the contrast of the  two elements soothed my soul.. I crossed the Urique river in search of adventure and a trail that my sandals had never touched before..

Cows crowded the side of the hill, as cactus, thorns and briars littered the side of the loose gravely canyon wall..

I crawled and climbed up the steepness, sliding and slipping down the loose rock, until finally I was rewarded with my first view of the trail I had dreamed of..
The thin ribbon of trail hugged wall of earth as the opposing side dropped hundreds of feet to the Urique River below..
Scrambling and running up and up, the dust and dirt filled my nose with the scent of her sweet earthy perfume. I couldn't help but smile as I pushed myself up the treacherous trail, dodging and weaving uphill through cat claw thorns and cactus that called this place home.  

As time went on I found myself struggling and lost, trails split off in infinite directions, all I knew was that i was heading up, to the top of the canyon. I don't know why I didn't turn back, was it the allure of the unknown? Exploring a new place? I pushed on, glancing over my shoulder, enjoying the hostel, where all my friends were, get smaller and smaller.

Every now and then i would come to flat sections that were so beautifully perfect for pounding out some amazing miles.

I neared the summit, the view was absolutely incredible from here but the trail became extremely treacherous. Stopping to enjoy the view, I slowed to a crawl, at this point the trail was non existent. With the drop falling thousands of feet, if you were to slip the only thing to stop you would be a random cactus or the occasional cow.

Finally I passed above the shrubs and trees, I had reached my destination. The top of the canyon was a sight for sore eyes..  I sat on a rock and looked out over the beautiful place that has a home in my heart, I thought to myself… why did I come here? why had I pushed so hard to get there? But I realized I didn't do it by myself, he was there with me.. He was showing me a placed he had loved as well, a place so quite and so peaceful. This feeling was a feeling I wish I could share with everyone, the feeling of being truly free. Without a single thought in the world, this was it.. This was the moment when i realized where i belonged.. Where I belong isn't a place, it was inside me, and where ever i wandered i was home..


  1. And with that, I shall go for a run.

  2. "....The allure of the unknown..." and that home is a sense of being so true: What an inspiring trail odyssey Tyler thank you! I Just got back from a mountain assent and read this with my aching muscles as company, it resonated! It makes me also think of this quote by Butala (1995) “What Nature leaves bare the human psyche fills.”