Thursday, July 10, 2014


My eyes opened and peered toward the opening in my tent, a ray of sun shined through the dense leafy green underbrush that was proof of a moist, beautiful early summer. I rolled over, unzipped my sleeping bag and emerged from my North Face two man tent..
As I stepped on the ground, the squish of the sponge like moss was a welcome awakening for my cracked, dry, tired feet..
My arms opened to the forest with a large yawn and stretch, several cracks and pops came from up and down my sore, wore out body.
I chugged a cup of coffee brewed in my Jetboil, took of my shirt, tied on my Luna Sandals, and took off on the trail that was now my front yard.. 
Running on the trail, through the forest, jumping over downed trees and splashing through wallows of mud, my senses were tingling. 
The scent of pine, and dirt filled my nose as my heart began to thump.. Feeling dirt and dust kick up from the trail and coat my feet was a welcome gift..
I ran up hill and sprinted down, I laughed, and sang as goosebumps covered my entire body.
The gorgeous view filled my eyes with new life, as tears flooded in. I stopped looked out at the endless miles of beauty.. And asked myself why I had left.. Why had I chosen the path i was on.. and why I had returned to the place where i learned to love this gift. … There was no answer, at least not one that I could find in that moment.. I just knew that I was where I needed to be at the moment at that time.. With all the love of everyone in my heart..